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This powerful collection of essences provides the tools that can help us restore the balance between mind, emotions & spirit that will allow us to manifest our own highest potential. Each combination contains a carefully selected blend of essences and facilitates inner change & transformation that is gentle, effective and life enhancing.

No matter what the issue that you maybe seeking help with, begin by blessing it as a gift that can open the doorways to new understandings and ultimately greater fulfilment in your life. Troublesome issues, whatever form they might take, are simply signposts that are pointing us towards the need for more balance, harmony and integration in our own inner world.

The 40 essences in this collection are divided into 4 groups that reflect the most important areas of focus for us all as we seek to achieve this state of inner balance and wholeness.

Group 1 - Transforming Core Emotions

The combinations in this group will help to gently release and transform old crystallised emotional energies stored in the emotional body and other areas of your energy system. As your core emotions become more balanced and free flowing you will find yourself able to respond to life in each moment rather than unconsciously acting out old long forgotten scenarios. Stay tuned to yourself for the insights that will flow in as the essences do their work, particularly those related to any belief patterns that might be connected with the emotional issues that are being dissolved.


Group 2 - Transforming Belief Patterns

Belief patterns are created when emotion and thought are combined with a sufficient focus of intent. Powerful beliefs shape the reality we create in our lives both individually and collectively. Positive life enhancing beliefs are important to our wellbeing so if this is compromised in some way it can be a signal to explore our unconscious beliefs, since often our most influential and active beliefs are those that are below the level of our everyday awareness. Deep acting combinations of essences are an excellent way of gently helping to bring old ingrained beliefs fully into awareness so that we can evaluate and amend them to reflect our real choices.


Group 3 - Developing Positivity

Everything that we think and feel contributes to our energetic signature, which determines the quality of life we experience, as well as the ability of mind, emotions & spirit to function as an integrated whole. The more balance we can bring to the personality the greater our power to bring about positive change in both our inner and outer worlds. At a collective level we share a common consciousness to which we all contribute and from which our collective reality is created. As each one of us makes a conscious choice to make our contribution a positive and loving one the easier it will be for everyone to experience unity and balance. The following essences offer assistance with the development of positive personality qualities.


Group 4 - Integrating Spirit

Our spirit or soul is the part of ourselves that appears to exist outside of everyday reality, as we generally understand it. However, it is a very important aspect of our multi-dimensional self because it holds the vibrations of our true essence and is a vital link in our connection with Source. The blueprint for the optimum direction of our life is stored at soul level as well as our experiences, gifts & talents from other lifetimes. Integrating spirit into our lives by consciously honouring the connection with our soul is vital if we are to enjoy true harmony, balance and wellbeing. It can take patience and dedication to strengthen the link between personality and soul that allows them to work as one. The personality is required to bring balance to the polarity consciousness in which it has lived and to open-heartedly accept the love and higher perspective of the soul as the guiding force in its life. Making and honouring this alignment opens up possibilities that are undreamt of by the personality on its own. All the combinations in this section are designed to help strengthen the personality/soul connection and to facilitate a greater degree of Divine Harmony.