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Divine Harmony Essence - INNER PEACE - Align Your Vibe

Divine Harmony Essence - INNER PEACE

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Available in a 10ml or 25ml bottle

Group 1 - Transforming Core Emotions

Transforming Anger

Helps to dissolve vibrations of anger and rage.

Anger is a very normal human emotion, yet it is also one of the more difficult emotions for us to own and bring into balance. Often this stems from a childhood where it was considered ‘bad’ or inappropriate to express anger or rage. Lacking positive guidelines on how to deal with these very natural emotions, many people carry suppressed anger and rage, which they are either afraid to express, or are hardly aware of because they have buried it so deeply. This kind of buried anger can often act as a barrier to releasing other emotions that are more deeply layered.

Key Points:

  • Helps to dissolve vibrations of anger and rage within yourself
  • Brings resolution to inner conflicts
  • Helpful if you have a tendency to draw angry people into your life


Combination of: Garlic, Rosemary, Rose of Sharon, Cinnabar & Rhyolite

Each of the Divine Harmony Essences is a powerful combination of at least 5 different essences so it is recommended that you only take one of these combinations at a time. It is usually best to avoid using any of the other deeper acting combinations at the same time, although Bach Flower Remedies can be very supportive when used alongside the Divine Harmony Essences.

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