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Divine Harmony Essence - LETTING GO - Align Your Vibe

Divine Harmony Essence - LETTING GO

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Available in a 10ml or 25ml bottle

Group 2 - Transforming Belief Patterns

Dissolving Attachment

Helps dissolve the pain of emotional attachment.

One of the most common patterns of all comes from a belief based on a misunderstanding about our relationship to love. There is a general misperception that love is an emotion that is generated by someone or something outside of ourselves, rather than an innate part of our being. It is a very deeply ingrained pattern held in place by many past experiences of separation, grief, fear & loss. At a personality level it leads to unhealthy emotional attachments to people and situations, often characterised by control games and co-dependant relationships. It leads us to hold on to old situations far too long either because it feels too emotionally painful to let go or because we do not wish to inflict pain upon another.

This essence will help to gently release old emotional pain leaving you stronger and more able to create truly loving relationships.

Key Points:

  • Dissolves emotional pain caused by separation, divorce or bereavement
  • Helpful to bring new balance to co-dependent relationships
  • Releases unhealthy emotional attachments
  • Encourages balanced, loving relationships


Combination of: Bleeding Heart, Cleaver, Corn, Sunflower, Chrysocolla & Tanzanite

Each of the Divine Harmony Essences is a powerful combination of at least 5 different essences so it is recommended that you only take one of these combinations at a time. It is usually best to avoid using any of the other deeper acting combinations at the same time, although Bach Flower Remedies can be very supportive when used alongside the Divine Harmony Essences.