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Divine Harmony Essence - HEALING BEREAVEMENT - Align Your Vibe

Divine Harmony Essence - HEALING BEREAVEMENT

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Available in a 10ml or 25ml bottle

Group 1 - Transforming Core Emotions

Transforming Grief

An excellent support for all situations of bereavement and loss.

Grief is a very powerful emotion and one that many people are unaware that they carry at an unconscious level. A deep loss, whether caused by death, divorce or in some other way, can leave a shock in our energetic system. When we are unable to release the accompanying very natural emotions of grief and sadness these feelings are gradually buried deeper and deeper into the unconscious. Buried grief can often be recognised as a sense of unexplained sadness in the heart or perhaps as a fear of making a real heart connection with someone in case the pain of loss is repeated. As these old memories are released and transformed it becomes easier to open our hearts and renew our connection with the wholeness of life.

Key Points:

  • Dissolves the vibrations of grief and loss
  • Transforms buried grief from past lives
  • Opens the heart chakra
  • Brings renewed hope for the future


Combination of: Eucalyptus, Bleeding Heart, Snowdrop, Elecampane, Sardonyx & Borage

Each of the Divine Harmony Essences is a powerful combination of at least 5 different essences so it is recommended that you only take one of these combinations at a time. It is usually best to avoid using any of the other deeper acting combinations at the same time, although Bach Flower Remedies can be very supportive when used alongside the Divine Harmony Essences.