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Divine Harmony Essence - RESTORING PATIENCE - Align Your Vibe

Divine Harmony Essence - RESTORING PATIENCE

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Available in a 10ml or 25ml bottle

Group 1 - Transforming Core Emotions

Transforming Impatience

Dissolves vibrations of impatience, frustration & irritability.

Impatience and frustration are very common emotions in today’s fast moving world where it is easy to forget that there is a place and time for everything if only we would follow the promptings of our own inner voice rather than the demands of the personality. The energy of impatience keeps us from being fully in the moment and often acts as a defence against having to be still and face the emotional turmoil of our inner world. Those who have this pattern very strongly often find it difficult to relate to others and can end up feeling isolated in their own world.

Key Points:

  • Dissolves vibrations of impatience, frustration & irritability
  • Promotes peaceful, understanding relationships
  • Encourages greater stillness and the ability to be in the now


Combination of: Onion, Azurite/Malachite, Cinnabar, Peridot & Ruby

Each of the Divine Harmony Essences is a powerful combination of at least 5 different essences so it is recommended that you only take one of these combinations at a time. It is usually best to avoid using any of the other deeper acting combinations at the same time, although Bach Flower Remedies can be very supportive when used alongside the Divine Harmony Essences.