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Astrology Flower Essence - Virgo - Align Your Vibe

Astrology Essence - VIRGO

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30ml essence combination bottle

Dominant Bach flower essence - CHESTNUT BUD


Birthdate: August 23rd - September 22nd

Element: Earth | Mode: Mutable | Symbol: The Maiden | Ruling Planet: Mercury

When balanced: intelligent, calm, honest, problem-solver, analytical, focussed

Negative indications: overly critical, judgemental, old school ways, fussy, slow, emotional suppression, lonely, moody


“I feel safe. I feel secure. I feel calm.” (Repeat affirmation when taking essence. It is printed on the bottle for you)

Needs: Set clear boundaries ~ Alone time ~ Learn new skills continually

When balanced: forgiving, routine, content, open-minded, happy, good friend

Negative indications: not wanting to change, old ways, weak-willed, subservient to others, lonely, critical


“I choose to be organised to allow for better results in my personal and business life”  (Repeat affirmation when taking essence. It is printed on the bottle for you)

Needs: Routine & organisation ~ Nurturing ~ Be of service to others

When balanced: purposeful, trustworthy, useful, humble, achieves things, warm

Negative indications: underachieving, cold, criticism, very sensitive, worrier


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