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Astrology Flower Essence - Scorpio - Align Your VIbe

Astrology Essence - SCORPIO

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30ml essence combination bottle

Dominant Bach flower essence - HOLLY


Birthdate: October 23rd - November 21st

Element: Water | Mode: Fixed | Symbol: The Scorpion | Ruling Planet: Moon

When balanced: passionate, brace, independent, authentic, loyal, sense of self

Negative indications: intolerant, aggressive, jealous, resentful, dominating, emotional, possessive, won't forgive easily


“I allow myself to open up. I rid myself of past events that no longer serve me” (Repeat affirmation when taking essence. It is printed on the bottle for you)

Needs: Social circle ~ Mindfulness practices ~ Reiki or kinesiology

When balanced: passionate, secure, loyal, present, social, loving

Negative indications: aggravated, jealous, secretive, inner loneliness, prideful, living in the past


“I take the time to connect with other souls and go to places of interest where connections form organically”  (Repeat affirmation when taking essence. It is printed on the bottle for you)

Needs: Alone time ~ Soul healing ~ Meditation

When balanced: charming, mysterious, magnetism, content, worthy, calm

Negative indications: over-talkative, inner loneliness, anger, outbursts, insecure, passive-aggressive


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