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Astrology Flower Essence - Leo - Align Your Vibe

Astrology Essence - LEO

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30ml essence combination bottle

Dominant Bach flower essence - VINE


Birthdate: July 23rd - August 22nd

Element: Fire | Mode: Fixed | Symbol: The Lion | Ruling Planet: The Sun

When balanced: confident, protector, ambitious, loyal, leader

Negative indications: arrogant, possessiveness, inflexibility, jealous, laziness, prideful, aggressive, moody, stubborn


“I am confident. I am a leader. But I can also let go and have fun, and experience more calming emotions” (Repeat affirmation when taking essence. It is printed on the bottle for you)

Needs: Structure ~ Personal hobbies ~ Adventure

When balanced: nurturing, kind, caring, supportive, leader, content, brave

Negative indications: isolation, loneliness, pride, aggressive, domineering, moody


“I visualise succeeding in my chosen career choice. I will be successful, creative and humble”  (Repeat affirmation when taking essence. It is printed on the bottle for you)

Need: Health and wellness activities ~ Self-exploration ~ Nature

When balanced: lights up a room, funny, self-confidence, supportive, charisma, big heart

Negative indications: critical, intolerant, need to be right, proud, dominance, no insight, judgemental


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