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Astrology Flower Essence - Cancer - Align Your Vibe

Astrology Essence - CANCER

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30ml essence combination bottle

Dominant Bach flower essence - CERATO


Birthdate: June 21st - July 22nd

Element: Water | Mode: Cardinal | Symbol: The Crab | Ruling Planet: Moon

When balanced: nurturing , intuitive, loyal, tenacious, creator, spiritual

Negative indications: vindictive, oversensitive, clingy, indecisive, negative, resentful, suspicious, unpredictable


“I am calm. I am at peace. I accept what is in the present moment” (Repeat affirmation when taking essence. It is printed on the bottle for you)

Needs: Family time ~ Romance ~ Self-healing therapies

When balanced: self-confidence, proactive, worthiness, loyal, caring, faith, acceptance

Negative indications: possessiveness, need for love, seeks validation, indecisive, low self-esteem, compares themselves to others


“I take time to connect with my true desires and dreams, and trust my intuition”  (Repeat affirmation when taking essence. It is printed on the bottle for you)

Needs: Intimacy ~ Long walks ~ Own identity

When balanced: caring, warm-hearted, loyal, intuition, self-confidence, independent

Negative indications: lacks identity, no direction, victim mentality, low moods, critical, wary


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