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Astrology Flower Essence - Aquarius - Align Your Vibe

Astrology Essence - AQUARIUS

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30ml essence combination bottle

Dominant Bach flower essence - ROCK WATER


Birthdate: January 20th - February 18th

Element: Air | Mode: Fixed | Symbol: The Mystical Healer (Water Bearer) | Ruling Planets: Uranus & Saturn

When balanced: independent, humanitarian, original, wise, creative, free spirit

Negative indications: impulsive, unpredictable, inconsistent, stubborn, dominant, extremist, despair, inflexible, depressed, moody


“I trust my intuition. I feel and know that life will turnout the way I have envisioned” (Repeat affirmation when taking essence. It is printed on the bottle for you)

Needs: Alone time ~ Soulful relationships ~ Facts

When balanced: humanitarian, wise old soul, resilience, empowered, intelligent, goal-setter

Negative indications: repeating old patterns, self-destruction, inflexible, detached, sadness, lonely


“I take the time to journal down my thoughts and dreams, and put them out into the universe”  (Repeat affirmation when taking essence. It is printed on the bottle for you)

Needs: Romance ~ Alone time ~ Freedom

When balanced: independent, unique, curious, quirky, original, sure of self, quick-witted

Negative indications: unsure of direction in life, inflexible, self-blame, unpredictable, self-righteous


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