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PURE VIBRATIONS SPRAY - Auric Protection - Align Your Vibe


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50ml essence combination spray, with rose water

Safe Boundaries

Use this spray to help strengthen your aura and energy fields when you know that you will be facing situations that normally present you with an energetic challenge.

You will find it particularly helpful if you tend to be over sensitive to others emotions and thoughts, experience an ‘energy drain’ when around lots of people or struggle to separate your emotions from other people’s in emotionally charged situations.

This combination is one that we have found to be especially effective in spray form because of the immediacy of its actions.

Key Points:

  • Strengthens the auric field
  • Quickly decreases over sensitivity in emotionally charged situations
  • Helps you stay within your own energetic boundaries
  • Minimises energy drain


Combination of: Yarrow - Mixed, Pennyroyal, Staurolite, Lodestone, Larimar & Clear Quartz

How to use: Spray liberally into the auric field for a quick and effective energetic realignment or use over a period of time to support more permanent transformation. You can also take these essence sprays internally in the same way as other essence combinations; however it is recommended that you only take one of these combinations at a time and it is usually best to avoid using any of the other deeper acting combinations at the same time - although essences from the traditional English Flower Essence range can be very supportive when used alongside the Pure Vibrations Sprays. This spray is not recommended for children under 12 years of age.