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CHAKRA ESSENCE - Crown - Align Your Vibe

Chakra Essence - CROWN

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Available in a 10ml or 25ml bottle

Spiritual Connection

The Crown Chakra is our link to dimensions of reality beyond the material plane.

When the Crown Chakra is not fully functioning there might be a lack of spiritual awareness and a consequent difficulty in being able to see beyond third dimensional everyday existence in any meaningful way. Also when there is a need to develop a greater spiritual connection.

Your Crown Chakra is located in the etheric body in the region of the crown of the head. It opens us to the greater world beyond material existence and connects us with the timeless space of all knowing. The symbol of the lotus flower has long been related to this chakra and to the state of enlightenment that we can achieve through reaching the consciousness of pure awareness that it represents.

Relates to - Violet. Pure Awareness. Spiritual Connection. Integrated Spiritual Body. Musical note B.

Key Points:

  • Spiritual Connection
  • Awareness
  • Communion


Combination of: Gold, Sugillite, Lotus, Queen Anne’s Lace, Rosemary & Red Pimpernel

Each of the Chakra Essences is a powerful combination of at least 5 different essences so it is recommended that you only take one of these combinations at a time. It is usually best to avoid using any of the other deeper acting combinations at the same time, although Bach Flower Remedies can be very supportive when used alongside the Chakra Essences.