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Bach Flower Remedies - WALNUT - Align Your Vibe

Bach Flower Remedies - WALNUT

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Positive state: Adaptability and protection

Negative state: Protection from change and unwanted influences

The Walnut remedy is for the transition times of our lives - it is a remedy for change. This transition can be a natural progression of life such as teething, first separation from parents, puberty or menopause. Other examples include ending a marriage, going through a divorce, moving house or taking on a new job.

Because of our wanting to stay in our comfort zone, we do not want to give up safe and familiar patterns. In the positive state, Walnut remedy assists us with inner knowledge of the next step in life. If a person is in a negative state when this remedy is called for the person is often easily disrupted by outside influences and the influence of others that might lead them astray. This remedy then helps to guide us through the events so that we do not lose our way.

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